Paris R&D Center

·Situated in Paris, capital     of  fashion and mode.

·Capture latest fashion     information and tendency

·Customized design for     high-end brand


Design Team
Research Team

·Brand planning and research

·New technique development     and exploration

·Market research and     prediction

·Sales data analysis and     feedback

• A dozen of professional

  designers with years of

  experiences for worldwide

  famous optical firms.

• Accurate grasp capability

   of  market demand

• Keen sense of smell of

   fashion trend

•Sample production

•Bulk goods production

•Quality hidden danger   prediction

•Quality control

•Production follow-up and  schedule  monitoring

•Process orders, forms,  applications  and requests

•Keep records of customer    interactions and


•Pay close attention to the

 core needs of customers

•Propose customized designs

and proper products

•Propose feasible solutions

•Respond promptly to

 customer inquiries

Sales team
Order service team

Sagittar Vision is specialized in optical frames and sunglasses design, product manufacture and international sales for more than 12 years, serving worldwide customers from Europe, North America, and South America to Asia.

We are a design-driven company capable of providing integrated and customized solutions for brand companies, wholesalers and chain shops according to your proper requirements and brand attributes. We have professional and strict workflows ensuring execution of market research, brand attribute analyze, brand planning, project design, prototype production, mass product manufacture and after-sale service.

Our sociable and energetic team is open-minded and has broad international perspective. We participate in international optical expositions such as Mido and Silmo every year. We have the marketing mindset of 4C which makes the cooperation of our customers happy and convenient.

The head quarter of Sagittar Vision is Located in Shanghai, capital of finance and design of China. Besides, we have a design office in Paris France. We have a design team of 10 experienced professionals and a sales team of 6 people who served world famous companies for more than 10 years. Our factories in Shenzhen and Wenzhou have the production capabilities of 1 200 000 pairs of optical frames and sunglasses each year.

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