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Original Design
•The excellent design team of
 Sagittar and avant-garde design
 center in Paris endow the specialty
 of original design
 •Original design distinguishes
    your products on the market
    •Allows you to avoid price
      •Enhance your brand
Customization Service
•International sales team with
  open mind and mentality of 4C
   marketing theory
•Flexible work flow for special orders
 e.g.  for urgent orders
 •Customized work flow for key
   customers with their proper
     specifications and habits

Customization Design
•Brand planning team, design team
and information team constitute a
powerful support of customized design
 •Tailored specifically for your
    particular brands
   •Make your product meet your
     exact brand attributes
      •Save you from model
         choosing troubles
         •Create your monopoly
Intelligent Production
•Standard production workshop and
  well-trained professional workers
•Production adjustment and control
  system ensures full use of
   production resources and avoid
    order crowding
   •Quality risk prediction system
    •Material and mold sharing
       system greatly reduces
         production cost and
         resource waste